About us

Established in 1934,  Hellner is today one of the most  traditional and solid insurance brokerage in the country. In the hands of the Hellner family for three generations, it still keeps the same values brought by  its founder, Germany-born Heinz Hellner, without leaving aside the constant challenge  of lining up and remaining constantly updated with newest trends  and changes in this extremely competitive market.
The company believes in:

Being a strong, transparent and ethical company;
Satisfying customer needs with agile, reliable and high quality services;
Building lasting and trustworthy relationships with customers and partners;
Maintaining commercial ties that are productive for all parts involved.
Promoting constant updating and specialization of its staff and a healthy working environment, resulting in a productive, professional and personal development of its employees;
Investing in technology;
Preserving its own independence to insurance companies and large economic groups.
Having the recognition of national and international markets.
Helping Brazil to be a socially just place with opportunities for
everyone is a responsibility of each citizen. Recognizing that helping
children can effectively improve our society in long term,
Hellner regularly contributes to the Lar Social Girassol Institute,
an orphanage that supports underprivileged children.
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